Ready to unlock next-level growth? Engagement Group helps align, transform, engage, and grow healthy churches and non-profit ministries. We go beyond the obvious to uncover insights that truly drive engagement. Let's start the journey together.

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At Engagement Group, we believe purpose is key to unlocking your organization's potential. As a transformative consulting firm with 24 years of experience, we help healthy churches and non-profits reach new heights of impact and growth.

Our unique approach goes beyond the obvious to uncover insights that drive engagement and impact. We turn those insights into purpose-driven strategies, rooted in culture thinking, a methodology that helps us uncover the underlying values, beliefs, and behaviors that drive and organization and audience. Understanding your culture and community, we create strategies that resonate, delivering exponential growth and impact. Whether you seek to increase engagement, improve brand identity, or develop a new strategy, we have the expertise to achieve your goals.

As an experienced ally in engagement, we guide you every step of the way. From aligning purpose, identity, and customer journey to crafting a message that resonates, we create tailored solutions that deliver results. We don't just help you grow; we empower you to thrive and make a lasting impact in your community. Our team of branding, marketing, design, and strategy experts partner with you for success.

If you're ready to take your organization to the next level and improve engagement through purpose, Engagement Group is your solution. Let's unlock your potential and make your mission-driven organization soar.

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Engagement Group accomplished 260% exponential growth for our church through increased community engagement and attendance. The transformative process has been unreal for our community and church. I’m excited about all God is going to allow us to do. What a ride ahead!

Allen Holmes
Lead Pastor, Daystar Church


Engagement Group's comprehensive approach to church growth delivered outstanding results, including over 63% growth among those under 40. Their support helped us become the best version of ourselves, unlocking new levels of impact and success for our community.

Tim Hawks
Lead Pastor, Hill Country Bible Church
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